SEOUL — South Korea’s top telecom company KT has opened its first overseas virtual reality theme park in Malaysia. KT hopes to use the VR experience zone as an outpost to be a major real-life media operator abroad. VR experience zones are gaining popularity from young people.

KT said Thursday that the VR experience zone called “VRINITY” opened on August 28 in a Legoland center in a popular tourist destination in the special economic region of Iskandar Malaysia, which borders Singapore. It was a joint project with Malaysia’s Iskandar Innovations Sdn Bhd (IISB).

By using VRINITY as a global flagship store, KT vowed to expand its B2B (business to business) business that distributes its VR platform and contents in Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. At home, KT has opened VR theme parks called VRIGHT which host a range of immersive activities for visitors.

“Malaysia’s VR theme park VRINITY is the first case in which KT’s real-life media business has entered the global market. Using VRINITY as an outpost for our global business, we will be reborn as a real-life media operator recognized in overseas markets,” said Kim Hoon-bae, who heads KT’s new media business.

KT said VRINITY was applied with VR contents that are verified through real-life media platforms and VRIGHT and visitors can experience 20 games. KT signed a business agreement with IISB to explore various cooperation projects in four new business areas — 4K wireless VR service, smart energy, smart buildings and data centers based on advanced technology in 5G networks and solutions.

Experts predict the 5G era will bring a dramatic change to daily life. Technology and telecom companies are trying hard to apply 5G technologies to connected car technologies, autonomous driving, the development of VR content and other sectors.

In February this year, KT agreed with the operator of Seoul Land, an old amusement park in Seoul, into the world’s first 5G-based modern fun park installed with a bunch of intelligent cameras as well as VR and mixed reality rides to provide differentiated services. A month later, KT agreed with 3D Factory, a VR experience zone franchise, to provide content.