Iskandar Malaysia, located in south Johor, is a reflection of the Federal Government’s ambitions for a developed Malaysia. It taps on its strategic resource-rich location, as well as its progressive leadership and integrated communities to embrace external talent and investment to achieve economic growth that is inclusive, sustainable and environmentally responsible. Iskandar Malaysia’s location between the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea with links to the Indian Ocean confers on it an unrivalled positioning advantage and immense economic potential, especially as one considers how China and India – the two countries with populations of more than one billion each – are currently reclaiming their global economic and political leadership.

The State of Johor also has longstanding economic and historical links with its neighbor, Singapore. Iskandar Malaysia and Singapore are collectively inhabited by over six million people and feature between them four maritime ports, two airports, as well as various overland links to the rest of Asia.

Launched in 2006, Iskandar Malaysia, with an area spanning 2,217 square-kilometres, is three times the size of Singapore and is the single largest development project ever to be undertaken in the region.

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