Nestled amidst the pristine mangroves of Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia lies 2,900 acres of prime land identified as Integrated Sustainable Living (ISL) – an iconic development by Iskandar Capital Sdn Bhd (IskCap). Poised to become a model township which integrates from the three pillars of sustainability namely; environment, economic, and social & cultural.

Traverse this fertile land into the Straits of Johor are the twin rivers – Sungai Melayu and Sungai Perapat – making ISL an important connection in the eco-continuum for regional biodiversity for 18 mangrove species, 6 mangrove associated species, 23 bird species, and 14 fish species. It is always our commitment to maintain the essence of the place by preserving and conserving the treasured mangroves, and in so doing, we balance the impact of urban development.

Developed in six phases over the span of 30 years, ISL is poised to be the new home for 123,000 like-minded people, who are passionate about a sustainable way of life. Upon its completion, ISL is expected to generate more than 40,000 jobs. Designing with the future in mind, integrated transportation and seamless mobility is a key priority at ISL as well. To this end, we are committed to providing efficient, effective, reliable yet affordable public transportation for all around the city.

By leveraging on used and unused precious resources, ISL aims to inculcate a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle through the wise use of water, energy, food production and waste management system. Embracing a circular economy, we have engineered the reduction of our waste footprint and promoted local food production via the rigour of systems and processes. That way, we turn relevant outputs into useful inputs to promote a self-sustaining and resilient eco-system.

Through the mindful sustainable planning of the city, we ensure that every phase of development stands by the principles of sustainable building and microclimate design in a safe and secure environment. At ISL, we aspire to enhance the quality of lives of people in ISL.

Beyond a development, we hope to build a place like no other, where nature and humanity may thrive and prosper well into the future. Backed by a reputable parental company, Iskandar Investment Berhad, Employees’ Provident Fund and Khazanah Nasional Berhad, IskCap is set to resolve the urban, social, and environmental concerns of Johor, Malaysia, and makes ISL an exemplary icon for a sustainable, inspiring and livable city.

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