As a caring corporate citizen, IIB’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are designed to benefit people from all walks of life. Its CSR programmes have touched thousands of lives and are developed to benefit various stakeholders, including surrounding communities, business partners, investors, employees and institutions.

Education is one of IIB’s CSR pillars. The company focuses on assisting schools and learning institutions to produce some of the best brains from Iskandar Puteri. Providing learning experiences outside of classrooms is equally important to ensure schools produce well-rounded students. Additionally, motivating teachers to turn challenges into opportunities is an area of great importance too.

‘Superstar Teacher’ Workshop with Zaid Mohamad

‘Benchmarking Site Visit to SK Tasik Chini, Pahang

‘Teach for Malaysia’ Engineering Talk at SMK Ulu Tiram

UPSR Motivation Camp for SK Sungai Danga

NST School Times Workshop for SMK Medini, Iskandar Puteri

Back To School Programme


The environment is another area that IIB protects with the utmost care in all of its development plans to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. To date, ‘Saving Parade’, has taken some of IIB’s volunteers and caring partners to villages, Orang Asli settlements, beaches, islands and wetlands. IIB is dedicated to reduce environmental implications, waste and emissions, and promote renewable energy, green initiatives, preservation and conservation projects.


In accomplishing its mission, IIB relies on its stakeholders to bring about changes and improve various ecosystems in Iskandar Puteri. IIB invests generously into preparing its most prized asset—its people—so that they continue being the company’s source of strength and solid backbone in the company’s activities.


Development cannot thrive without its community’s input and support. Therefore, IIB ensures that communities around its operation areas are not left out and benefit significantly from the developments around them. Apart from helping when crisis and emergencies strike, IIB also offers jobs and business opportunities, creative and technical training, entrepreneurial opportunities, e-commerce and start-up platforms, among others to the surrounding communities.