June 21, 2023

Iskandar Investment Takes Stand Against Corruption

Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) today signed the Declaration of Corruption-Free Pledge with Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). The ceremony marked a milestone in the company’s commitment to fostering awareness and adherence to anti-corruption practices as it took a significant step towards promoting better governance and integrity culture within its organisation.

The pledge was formally signed by IIB CEO Dato’ Idzham Mohd Hashim, in the presence of SAC Sheikh Hamadi Sheikh Abdul Hamid, Deputy Director (Prevention) of MACC Johor. The event was attended by esteemed members of IIB’s management team and employees.

“This pledge further demonstrates our initiative to uphold high integrity, governance, and transparency in our business operations,” said Idzham.

“We want to foster awareness among IIB employees on the importance of practicing noble values and inculcating integrity as a responsibility of every employee of the company,” he added.

IIB’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability will continue to guide the company in its pursuit of sustainable growth and ethical business practices. By adopting the MACC’s Declaration of Corruption-Free Pledge, IIB reinforces its dedication to shaping a culture of integrity within the organization and throughout its ecosystem of stakeholders.

IIB takes cognisance of the Corruption-Free Pledge which was introduced by MACC, placing emphasis on the pledge and oath taken voluntarily by a Company’s leadership and its employees in an individual capacity. In this context, each individual is accountable and responsible for carrying out their duties and preventing any involvement in corrupt practices.

IIB joined more than 2,000 other companies and organisations who have signed the Corruption-Free Pledge. This act signifies our strong advocacy and recognition that combating corruption is a collective duty and responsibility shared by all members of society, extending beyond the exclusive role of MACC.

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